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Respec' is due! Some people who we couldn't do without and things we think you might find interesting. Always more to come...

other favourites...

Zoo game
Swap the animals until there's at least four of a kind in a row. Then there's room for more in the zoo. Simple and addictive.

Buzzwack Buzzword of the Day
Loop mail, kudo loop, email train - all new words which we find ever so useful in our daily lives. Really. Our speak would be stunted without this.

Japanese signing kitten animation
It's so sweet... and so sad.

Red drinks! Blue drinks! Everyone's doing it.
"Onions as we all know are essential - everyone uses onions, the Housewife, Chefs, Processors - they all need onions. Because of their widespread common use onions are, of course, not very exciting. Well, that’s the general view - however, we at Rustler not only know our onions but are proud of them! Five years ago Rustler began as a joint venture between Whitworths Growers Limited and Russell Burgess Limited. The JV was formed to fill a gap in the market - a company dedicated to supplying first class quality onions, coupled with excellent service and a commitment to R&D. The joint venture created a larger business facilitating efficiency and stronger management. The ultimate aim was to give the company’s customers the best offer possible in quality, service and value. We love our onions! "

Tiny little magazine printed on greaseproof paper substitute. Full of facts and fun. The most vital limited-edition magazine since us.

Dean and Nigel Blending In
Norwich's most famous art terrorists.
Watch! as they imitate members of the public.
Laugh! at reporters who don't get the joke.

Mister Men World presented by Mr Jelly
Bounce, Happy, Bump, Strong, Tickle, etc.

Addictive TV
Video projections of bouncing spacemen and yawning big cats.

Paint Norwich and Norwich Graffiti
Norwich graf kru's gettin' organised.

promoters, etc

Brighton, Leeds, London, Norwich: "dynamic audio assault from people who care" - free parties to bass-thirsty dancefloors.

Bad Timing
Cambridge: "regular nights of digital lofi, early electronics, laptop and randomness".

BLOC Weekend
Norfolk coast: Electro weekender - check it out

Chalet Records
Norwich: they do electronic stuff, a bit like us. we like them, they like us. everyone's happy.

Charlie Don't Surf
Cambridge: alternative dance music — and they like it loud.

Norfolk coast, London and international: 2000 electro and hip hop heads in a holiday park by the North Sea? it's now legendary.

Howlback Hum
Norwich: Lo-fi and quirky acts.

Metal Queen Projects
Norwich: lo-fi community, organisers of the Norwich Pop Underground Convention.

Norwich Darkside
Norwich: A Norwich music community.

Norwich: hip hop and electro projects from new talents.

Norwich: monthly guitar gigs at Norwich Arts Centre.

more music...

Absolute Truth Press
Home of Kardama, a Finnish dnb geezer we met and interviewed in the street.

Dreamy Records
A home to Arco, Lauren Hoffman and more.

Home of Gonzales, Peaches, Jeans Team and many more we've liked over the years.

Yeah, it's a music news site - but at least they are strong on attitude. That Adam Alphabet is a star who can really write with passion... and so can a few of their other contributors too!

The Skam
Future of TV - no doubt!! Well, it was, until the redesign. The email has gone a bit routine since they stopped mentioning us.



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